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I am a “town girl” born and raised in central Mississippi. I have been employed for more than 20 years by the Mississippi House of Representatives, where I currently serve as Deputy Assistant Clerk. When I took over the care of my mother, after the sudden death of her father, I rediscovered a thirst for writing and was led to a class taught by best-selling author, Aaron McCarver. Aaron and I now collaborate on historical fiction novels set during some of the turning points in American history. Our Tennessee series covers three generations of families who struggle to find or strengthen their faith. The Mississippi series features some of the characters first introduced in our Tennessee series.

I am also married to a wonderful man, Gene, who is a constant support in all of my endeavors. I accompany him on "rockhounding" trips each year and love wearing the jewelry he produces from the rocks he collects. He in turn allows me to peck away at my keyboard and has even been known to give her a phrase or idea that later appears in my stories.

I hope you find a mixture of faith, love and history in my novels, but my true goal is to glorify God and Christ.